Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's all this talk about 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions ??

Many people hearing or reading about different dimensions find it to be overwhelming. That would be expected because we were never taught about it anywhere, ever here in this life time, but now we are hearing much about it. I wanted to try and explain it as simply as possible. This is not an easy task as there are many thoughts and views on this topic, but the overall consciences goes something like this....

Right now we are living in a 3 dimensional world, and are slowly moving deeper into the forth dimension, and our goal is the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is total bliss, like heaven on earth. The way it should be. The difference between the third dimension and the fifth dimension is like comparing the devastation, poverty, pain, suffering and disconnection to our true selves to quite literally the most wonderfully, magical, perfect heaven you could possibly imagine !

The fourth dimension is the transformation we are going through in the moment. The spiritual becoming stronger and the disconnected finding it harder to cope. Awakening and becoming connected to spirit is the key to healing and living with a sense of peace, no matter what chaos may confront you.

We are moving out of this third dimensional world, and thank goodness for that. We are ascending. We are going through the shift right now into the fourth. People can feel it. Most can't put into words but, it is happening and this is fantastic ! The more souls that wake up and begin to heal and raise their vibration, the easier our ascension becomes. Mother earth is raising her vibration as well. She is releasing her pain and healing herself as well, preparing for her ascension into the fifth dimension.

These next few years are going to be an amazing to say the least. There are thousands of predictions and more theories we can count, but count on this, it will be the end of the world as we know it. The old is making way for the new. It's already changing rapidly, people are waking up to truth as to who we are, and I am so excited to see so many souls awakening every day. We are raising our vibration every second with every soul who begins to heal.

Keep reading positive books to keep your thoughts in a good place and remember you don't have to believe everything you read, just keep yourself open to it until you experience it. Bless our ascension into the fifth dimension !!

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  1. Please do not leave out Neurofeedback in considering your healing centres. I know it to be a very powerful new application for healing brain disregulation, as well as accessing universal connection with speed and ease. I own my own equipment and seek to provide such healing. Please do your own research and contact me if you have questions.

  2. What is the method for waking up? How can One prepare for the coming changes? Thank you!

    1. Hello. A book cannot awaken your spirit. I am living proof of this. The immortal spirit that lives within the pure in heart and awakens when the mortal mind is "set free" of fear. lets talk about this. All of you that want to know...

  3. keep reading spiritual info. find books and google info on spirituality. check out youtube as well. you will find the answers you are looking for, as the student is ready the teacher will appear.