Monday, December 5, 2011

How do you know if you are right?

Through trial and error. It is only through practice that we learn to sense the feeling of being right. Even with experience, we will not always make the right choice. Sometimes we must go through the experience of making a choice that was not the best. Some experiences we were meant to or were karmically connected to. This is in order to gain the personal knowledge of what needed to be learned through a particular experience and the choices that needed to be made.

You could even say that your never really wrong, you just needed more time or practice on a specific lesson. Some lessons or set of choice pattens take years to work through. It's not always easy making the hard choices, even when ther're to your benefit. So you know you are right when the results from your decision has time to settle, and if it feels right in your soul, then you can probably assume you made the right choice.

If you keep going over it again and again, or something just doesn't feel right, maybe it's not that you made the wrong choice, maybe you just need a slight modification to the choices you make. There are those times when you truly did what you felt was right and it seems as though everything went wrong....remember everything happens for a reason and either it was for the greater good of all that everything happened the way it did, or maybe you need to re-evaluate the choice you made and make the necessary changes when you are confronted with a similar choice next time.

We learn through our experience, that's why it's called experience. Love yourself and give yourself the patience you deserve. We're all in this together, so keep doing your best and the rest will follow.

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