Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Who has been keeping the truth from us over many generations.

It not only one or two people keeping the biggest secrets about life and who we truly are, it is literaly every major company or organization who claims to be looking out for our best interest. Government, religion, pharmaceuticals, consumer safety organizations, food processing companies, fast food chains, news stations, medical boards, banks and many others. They are all connected and benefits from each others gain.

This article could go on for ever, because the truth behind the lies are extremely deep and so twisted it is unbelievable, so I will just give some of the information so that you can further your search for truth. It is well known the government lies to and steals from everyone, but that is just the beginning of what really goes on right in front of our faces.

Here are some facts to ponder or research further. I encourage you to seek out more information on your own as what I write will only be brief and may not make sense until you seek out your own research. First, when the government holds an election, it is pre planned on who will win, who will go up against each other, and what they are going to with any new budget the are going to create.

Billions of dollars in tax payers money is used for their own personal gain. Here is an example of what I mean.....the government will support new pharmaceutical drugs good or bad for us almost without question and I am talking hundreds of thousands, even millions BECAUSE they will make it back doubled tripled or more in the taxes to make, produce and consumer purchase. Not to mention most of the drugs approved will cause new diseases in the body or symptom so severe another drug will be added to the one you started in the first place, which just adds millions more into the pockets of the government. Check it out for yourself !!

Pharmaceutical companies are right up there in the big scam of things. They make millions from our pain and suffering, while leaving out the truth about the natural healing that can have much greater benefits with far less side effects. If they were to come out with the truth right now, they would loose out in billions of dollars and thousand of people would be out of a job. The government by passes all these facts because without pharmaceuticals they would be out billions as well.

Religion has created such a deep rooted fear and mass confusion when it comes to teaching God word. They use the fear of God judgement on you to control millions. They preach about this place called hell, when in truth there is no hell. They tell you God will judge you for your sins, when God does no such thing. You are your only judge. They say you must attend church to hear Gods word, when God is within you and you need look no further than with your self. Religion was created to gain control over the masses by putting fear in people and hiding the truth about the power we hold within.

News stations are financially supported by the government and therefor will report what the government wants you to hear. If the news stations started reporting the truth about the power of meditation and natural healing, their close friendship with the pharmaceutical companies would be jeopardized. If they started reporting about U.F.O sighting in a serious manner rather than jokingly, the government would have a lot of questions to answer and people would realize there is sooooo much they are yet to understand. If the News stations reported there is no hell and God would never judge you and is within you giving you abilities you never dreamed of, how would the government ever regain control of the enslaved human population.

I could go on writing forever but this hopefully is enough to spark enough interest in you to do some of your own research. There is much that is going to come to light light in the very near future and the sooner more people wake up the less of a shock it will be on humanity when the truth finally comes out. It is so blatantly obvious what the are doing and people are waking up at an amazing rate, it will not be long before the whole of humanity realizes the deceit that has been past on for generations and puts a stop to it. It is already happening, so I invite you to find the whole truth as it is the truth that always sets you free.

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