Thursday, December 22, 2011

Forgiving is empowering !!

Forgiveness creates a situation where you need not ever play the '' victim '' role again. Forgiveness is the ability to fully understand there a larger things at work. It allows you to see that others weaknesses are only learning experiences for you as well as opportunities for you own personal growth. As you begin to open your heart, you will find the way you react to others behaviours, evolve into responding out of love, through understanding, compassion, and knowing everything happens for a reason.

You are not a victim. You are you going through a learning experience. An experience that is offering you lessons on how to lovingly respond to other while at the same time learning to overcome obstacles and challenges while keeping your integrity in check. As you r learn from your experiences you can than better help others with their issues and challenges.

Holding yourself in the victim role creates more experiences where you will continue being a victim. That is until you begin to realize you are not the victim and understand there are bigger things at work. Find the lesson you are being shown and learn from it quickly and lovingly.

The sooner you pull yourself out of the victim frame of mind you will sooner you change your perspective on your experiences and see them for what they are. Learning experiences that will bring you to a deeper level of understanding about who and what wonderful and powerful beings we are. Do not remain being a victim of anyone or anything. You are not a victim of your childhood or upbringing, not your ex, or your job, not bad luck. You are not a victim. You are a powerful human being that is capable of overcoming any and all circumstances.

With all your strength say to yourself and BELIEVE that you are not and never will be a victim. You are empowered with all that is necessary to see yourself through whatever experiences come your way.

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