Friday, December 23, 2011

Magic (magik) is for anyone who's interested.

Magic can and is utilized by all types of people. There has been a stigma put on the use of magik. This began in the 1600's when many thousands we killed for their practice of magik. I just wanted to clear up some facts and ease much of the confusion that is out there about the use of it. I'm no expert, but there is basic information that I feel is important and is very much relevant to spirituality.

First magik is not something only witches practice, although most witches do practice. Usually NOT the way that is commonly thought.

Magik is very much practiced by many in today's world, but most practice in secrecy, partly as a respect for the practice and partly due to fear of judgement.

Magic is using different combinations of word, affirmations, herbs, candles, oils, and other tools, to reach a desired outcome.

There is a general rule or code of conduct, that you shall harm no one when practicing magik.

Magic can be practiced by anyone, although good intentions should always be imposed.

Magic as any other skill does take practice, with some having a special gift with it.

The use of Magik should always be respected and shown gratitude when requests are received.

Modern magik does not require hard to obtain ingredient, such as animal parts, or exotic plants. Most ingredients can be obtained in a grocery store.

Magik takes only the required actions, a little faith and a lot of gratitude. Magic is not for everyone and those who begin to study tent to realize it is comparative to affirmations and the power of thoughts, word and faith. I would recommend using your Internet to get some basic fundamentals when looking into this topic. Google can offer many directions into this topic.

It is very interesting and wonderful to see how many people are coming forth with their feelings of being a witch in a past life, and if this topic truly sparks an interest in you, than I encourage you to look deep within yourself and see what you can find out.
Good Luck !

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