Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mother Earth needs us now more than ever !!

Our dear Mother Earth is working harder than ever. She is trying to heal what we have done to her, whilst still trying to lovingly support and care for our every need. Her preparation for ascension into the fifth dimension is explanation for her upheaval through the powerful storms and earthquakes. She is releasing and healing her trauma and pain as so many human are. She is transmuting what we have done to her through pollution, mass tree cutting, negative energy, chemicals, and water contamination, oil mining and the endless other atrocities she has suffered.

Mother Earth loving forgives us for what we have done to her and continues to offer her loving support to us. It is time for us to do the same for her. It is our turn to return the favour of thinking not only about ourselves but to remember nothing would be possible without her and what she offers us in our daily lives. We must, if only be mindful of the shelter she provides, the food she loving grows in perfection, the trees, water, rain wind, the perfect harmony that nature lives in. She provides everything we need in loving order.

Help her on her journey of healing. Stop wasting food, polluting water, recycle, and most importantly send her the loving thoughts and energy she so desperately needs and deserves. Without her willingness to persevere everything we have done to her and still willingly provide every basic essential we need, we would be no longer. Mother Earth is a living breathing feeling soul. She feels pain, yet still gives her all every day to see us through what we need to accomplish.

It is our turn to return our love to her. She will feel it, that I promise. She heals every time one of us heals and in this whole healing process, her and all souls that inhibit her will feel their energy vibration raise in the name of ascension.

Please whenever you can send your Mother Earth some loving thoughts. See her in perfect health and perfect order. Thank her for all she provides. Air, water, fire, wind, rain, soil, trees, plants, medicine, animals, shelter, there are endless things she provides us that we can be thankful for. Every thought you send to her is felt by her, so keep them loving and grateful.

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