Friday, December 23, 2011

Are you keeping your spirituality a secret from those around you?

Well I can't say I blame you....up to a point. People can be very judgemental and harsh when it come to giving their opinion...wanted or not. This can make it challenging to always speak your truth, and speaking your truth is a major part of your spiritual journey. You may find that some , most or all of your family and friend do not 'get' you and what it means to be spiritual. Being open about your spirituality can bring forth opinions, judgments and comments that are less than encouraging.

These types of comments can really put you on the defensive or cause you to waver in your beliefs. Sometimes it is easier to say nothing than to get into a defensive argument, but when you can speak up for your beliefs in the most loving way possible, without trying to have them agree with you, you teach others without them even realizing it.

You see it is not up to you to get anyone to agree with you. It is only your responsibility to speak your truth. It is not your concern whether other people believe you or agree with you. They are on their own journey and will awaken to their truth when they are ready. In the mean time BE who you are, always. It can be intimidating when you first begin your spiritual journey, but as time goes on it does become easier to say what you need to say in a balanced healthy and loving manner without expelling excess energy on how other people react or respond to your thoughts.

So if you are living in the closet, keeping your wonderful spiritual being from the world, your family and friends, then please consider the fact that you may be whats need in the lives of many people around you. Your speaking your truth about how you see life may make some uncomfortable at first, but they may see over time, that you could be onto something by watching you in your experiences, seeing your outcomes and noticing how calmly and gracefully you handle life, they may begin to start seeing life in the true light it is. This is not to say you need to be in any ones face telling them the way it is......

It just means shine your light everywhere you go by just being you.

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  1. I have learned to help with my opinion/light when I see people in an unnecessary emotional state. Telling them what I see, which is always the truth of the good side <3 Thank you for your words SIU :)