Sunday, November 27, 2011

A message to parents with special needs children

You are not alone. First and most importantly your children chose you as the their parent. They chose to come into this world with you being the one to raise them. This is because you have the strength to overcome these challenges, helping to guide your children through the issues they chose to come into this life and heal.

There are numerous behaviors and diagnoses parents are dealing with. Here are only a few that seem to really put your patience to the test because of particular behaviors expressed through the child on a regular basis.....A.D.H.D./attention deficit hyperactive disorder, aspergers, A.D.D./ attention deficit disorder, autism, O.C.D./ obsessive compulsive disorder, O.D.D./ oppositional defiance disorder, sensory disorders and many others.

You have been chosen to be the one to help your child heal to their fullest potential. You have been chosen to love this child unconditionally and raise them to the best of your ability and you have been chosen to do this because you are one of the few who can and are willing to try your best.

You must have within you that special something way down deep that gives you the patience, love, knowledge and ability to guide and support a child that has chosen these unbalances to come here and learn to heal and overcome their challenges.

You, the parent are supported by Spirit on so many levels, so remember to pray for guidance and grace. You were chosen and you agreed to come here and learn from all your experiences. You have the ability to take on whatever comes your way. I have 5 children I'm raising and there are special needs I struggle with daily, but guiding these children and all children to the best of our ability is truly all we can do.

Pull your strength from way down deep, know Mother God and Father God are always there for you, they are within you, you are them and they see your struggles but you must ask for what you need and be patient. Don't ask for patience, know you already have it. They will always provide you with what you need in perfect time. Take notice and be grateful when spirit offers you grace, when Spirit sees your needs and provides for you.

Great jobs parents, you really are a wonderful loving soul to take on these challenges. Oh and please don't give a thought to other parents or people or family, that judge you. Just know they don't get it and maybe never will cause if they had what it takes they wouldn't be judging.

Your children love you so much, although their behavior may sometimes say other wise. Know deep within they love you and need you. Thank you all for being you and you are all in my prayers. You are blessed !

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