Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Increased sensitivity to negativity, food, alcohol, chaos......?

When you first set out on your spiritual journey, you may have been tolerant to many outside sources, even used some as a coping mechanism or as a distraction to what really needed to be done or looked at in your life. But as you do the necessary work in order to heal and gain balance with in your life, and although you may be and feel stronger and healthier, you will probably become more sensitive to external ''things''.

Things such as food, especially dairy, sugars, and preservatives, alcohol, household cleaners, negativity, pessimism, sarcasm, noise, chaos, this to list a few, but the one thing that will become most obvious is your distaste for dishonesty.

It seems the healthier and more balanced you become, this raising your vibration, it will quite often increase your sensitivity to outside sources, especially ones that are out of harmony, such as excess chaos or any type of negative influence, even chemicals you come into contact with or ingested through the hundreds that are put into almost everything we eat.

Our bodies , as our vibration rises, through learning how to open our hearts, make tolerating lower vibrations difficult. This includes anything that is harmful for the body. The shift we are experiencing will eventually bring us back to all things that are natural or at least free of harmful substances.

As for negative energies well, it's not like you won't be able to handle whatever situation that comes your way, it's more that you will become more aware of the energy around you and may make different choices to avoid as much negative energy as possible. This may include spending less time with those who are negative, or having to speak your truth to those who are less than tolerant of the choice you or others make. You will find that spending time with like minded people very energizing and comforting, again choosing to spend more time where the energy vibration is similar to where yours is.

You may find the more you dedicate yourself to the spiritual path, the more sensitive your whole being becomes, this is your body wanting to return to the peaceful, toxic free state it is meant to be. As your body, rises it's vibration and rids it's self from toxic chemicals and negative energy, it also becomes more sensitive to the divine guidance that is always there for us to call on. You may find your psychic abilities begin to wake up after being dormant for so many years.

This is great, after all what better sign that you are on the right path !

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