Monday, February 13, 2012

Junk DNA is anything but JUNK !!!

Scientists actually call the 90% + DNA they have not linked to actual use JUNK DNA. This is truly an insult to the unlimited possible uses for this DNA. I provide this information to help some connect with the fact that we are only living up to 10 % of our potential. This DNA is very special DNA. This DNA is part of what all humanity is trying to connect with and activate in order to tap into the unlimited information we have available to us.

This DNA, once activated taps us into our whole being, our inner knowing, to the limitless information available. Scientists are yet to label this DNA with its function, so they decided to label it junk. They explain it as unused, unusable, extra stuff just floating around your body.

90 % of our actual DNA, the codes used to explain our genetic make up and unlimited potential... junk ! This is not so. It is actually the polar opposite. It is the rest our story. Although we may not see it, or even understand it, it is there, and it is being activated bit by bit, right this moment. We are activating this DNA as more and more people are waking up to the Divine, Spirit, God, Source, our Creators unlimited energy.

Our psychic abilities are connected to this DNA and the huge amount or brain function we are not able to scientifically label and define with any certainty or explanation. We have everything in perfect order within our bodies. There is no extra junk DNA, there is only what we use and the parts we have not learned to use. When you read or hear of this DNA being referred to as ''junk'' please don't believe it, instead, sent this DNA activating loving energy.

For if we can activate this DNA and understand it, it will serve all of humanity in the most efficient way. Do some research and learn more about how you can help. Our DNA is waiting !!

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