Monday, February 13, 2012

Are you addicted to chaos ?

Chaos keeps you busy. Too busy to think, too busy to feel, to busy to be with yourself reflect on you, your choices, your goals your truth, your evolution. There is a feeling of busyness which seems to justify your inability to be with self and take the responsibility of looking within and find what needs healing. For if you are always keeping busy with chaos how can you possibly find time to sit and do still, quiet work on yourself, necessary to heal and move forward on your spiritual journey.

If you find yourself keeping yourself busy with things such as lots of running around, cleaning, other peoples problems, worrying, this is a good time to ask yourself why it is you do not prioritize quiet time with yourself that will not only serve your higher purpose and create long term sustainable happiness, but a feeling of joy, love ,peace, understanding and much, much more.

If you are addicted to chaos you either already know it or you will in the near future. The times we are in require introspection in order to create any kind of true happiness. There is work to be done and it will be done. Ever wonder why sometimes when things are moving very quickly in your life or you have soooo much going on you can hardly keep up and then WHAM you find yourself in the sick bed not being able to accomplish anything, let alone everything on your endless, stressful to do list.

This is the universe telling you to slow down, to stop and evaluate where you are and what you are doing. Being superwoman, superman, supermom, or super dad really creates the opposite of what we are trying to do and teach others by example. We need time to love ourselves and appreciate who we are. We not only deserve this time but require this time of doing nothing in order to evaluate everything.

Drop the chaos, take your required alone time, fear not what you may find within yourself, embrace it, let it teach you, let it speak to you. Stop the chaos, some people will not understand why you are not at their beck and call, but that is okay, they are on their own learning journey.

Slow down and give your body, mind and spirit the peace it needs. Chaos in large doses for extended periods of time disconnects us from who we really are. We want to connect, it is the whole purpose, so start connecting with effort and intent. The benefits are endless and you will love yourself even more for doing it !

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