Friday, June 22, 2012

Planting seeds today, for your tomorrow ?

Tomorrows fruits are planted today. What you are doing in this very moment is planting a seed that if nurtured and cared for will grow and become your future. Every day we plant little seeds everywhere we go and with everything we do.

Every relationship is started with a seed and depending on how it was planted and nurtured, will decide how the relationship plays out ( with karma playing a partial role as well ) while karma does have an affect on our relationships , even a relationship that is karmically challenged can have it's effects softened through understanding the relationship's roots, and nurturing it accordingly.

What you think about during the course of the day, is literally planting huge seeds, as it is the universes law that it must send to us, what we think about the majority of the time. If we find ourselves forever saying this sucks, things never work out for me, bad things always happen to me, I never win, any of these thoughts are planting more of the same seeds and as they grow and mature, they will bring more of the negative experiences you are focusing your thoughts on. If you think about how grateful you are for your life, your health, your family and friends, you are planting seeds that will grow and mature into more pleasing circumstances.

Remember seeds take time to grow, so do not think you can think thoughts of being grateful for a day or two and then expect to be living in a garden of all  pleasing things. Seeds need time to grow, they need nourishment, love, light, and proper maintenance. It takes weeks even months for seeds to mature, as does the pleasing experiences you wish to have in your life.

Plant seeds that will create a loving, happy future for you and all around you. Love every stranger you meet, for they may be your future son-in-law, or boss to that job you really want. Don't focus on the challenging aspects of your life, spend more time thinking about the positive, even if there few positive things you have to focus on right now. Plant the most amazing seeds you can find because that is what will manifest in your future, and you deserve nothing less than an amazing future.

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