Friday, June 22, 2012

Tapping......another option for healing.

This is a type of healing that I just wanted to make people aware of. It is a simple form of healing to apply on yourself. It is great right after a stressful situation, when you feel an headache coming on, or even before an exam or nerve racking appointment.

It is simply, gently tapping specific points on your body, which helps to release blocked energy. This energy is also referred to as chi, life force and other terms meaning the energy which is continuously flowing through our body. Sometimes during challenging periods is our life or even in a moment of frustration, energy becomes blocked  and
therefore blocks the flow of healthy energy from reaching where it needs to go.

I like this tapping technique because it can be used anywhere and is a quick treatment that just might take care of what is ailing you. We know we have lots of little points in our body in which energy flows through, when energy gets trapped there it stagnates, leaving us feeling less than we could be.

By tapping we get the flow of energy going again.

I can list general areas in which tapping would be beneficial in this article but I recommend checking out You Tube for better instructions and visual cues. There this the top of your head, three points around your eyes. One above your eyes toward the bridge of your nose, the outside corners of your eyes and right under your eye. You can usually tell if you are tapping the right spot because you can feel a tenderness in these areas when tapping on them.

There is also the spot between your nose and upper lip, and just below your bottom lip. These are some of the most common spot used but there are many more including on your collar bone, arms, wrist, hands, legs and everywhere else. Check out You Tube. This technique can be used anywhere, so it is useful  for everything from traffic jams or rude customers.

Even a minute of tapping can make a difference. Check it out for yourself.....Good luck !

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