Monday, June 18, 2012

Reverence.....The ability to see beauty in all.

Reverence is feeling an unconditional love for all life. People, plants, animals, water, air, wind, earth, metals, fire, Spirit and everything in between, these are all part of life and they all are part of us and when we hold reverence or love and appreciation for them in our hearts, we hold that same reverence for ourselves.

When we understand we are all one, that we all come from the same universal creative energy, we hold all parts of life sacred within us. When we understand that we are all connected and what any of life's creations are feeling or how they are being affected, we understand we are equally effected. When we love life and everything in it equally, then we begin to understand the true meaning of reverence for life.

Respect, appreciation, love and a devotion to treat all things equal is what we are beginning to understand as the truth and the way it should be. We are not separate from anything or anyone and once this is realized, reverence comes easier. Knowing what you put out there in thoughts, actions, or feelings is felt by everything, gives you reason to be conscious of what kind of thoughts and energy you are putting out there.

Reverence is looking at the big old tree you drive by everyday and thanking it for just being, loving it for providing, air, shade and beauty for all to see. Reverence is feeling appreciation in your heart for the stranger who said hello to you this morning, brightening you day even just a little. Reverence is easy when you are holding your new born child and grateful for their presence. Reverence can be felt on all levels about all experiences.

Everything in our reality is serving a higher purpose and when you feel that reverence the universe has for you, you seem to find reason for your experiences, a little easier. When you have reason for your experiences, especially the challenging ones....Reverence is easier given by you, as you can see how much love this universe has for you.

Love yourself, Love life and everything life has to offer.

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