Sunday, June 17, 2012

Live from your heart chakra !!

Living from your heart chakra is easy when holding a new born baby. It's easy when we first fall in love, or are taking a walk in the mountains or somewhere in mother nature. Living from your heart is a breeze when we help a fellow brother or sister, when we had no obligation to do so. During peaceful, joyful or grateful moments in our life, we can live, see and give from our hearts.

The real tests are when we are confronted with situations that trigger our patients, self control and ability to speak the truth while keeping your integrity in tact. Situations or experiences that cause stress, fear, guilt or any other emotion that has a lower vibration cause us to react rather than remain in our hearts and see all situations as an opportunity to do better, love unconditionally, forgive and help all those who need it, any way we can.

If someone steals your car, crashes it, leaves the scene of the accident and gets caught a week later..... how likely are you to remain in your heart when your thoughts turn to this individual ? How much love and compassion are you going to have for them after the endless phone calls to the insurance company, repair shop, car rental shop, police investigators, the time you had to take off work, the extra paper work, paying the deductible on your insurance for the repairs needed done to your car, and any other inconveniences it caused you in that week.

Are you able to remain fully in your heart ? Are you able to see this individual as lovingly as you do a good friend ? Are you able to remember everything happens for a reason and that this person is on a learning journey as well and if they were in a healthy balanced state, they would not have done this ? Seeing life through your heart is a wonderful place to be, but it can be a huge challenge in challenging situations.

All you can do is promise yourself to always do your best when dealing with others and to see your experience through your heart, to ask what it is, you could learn from it and how you could respond in order to treat your fellow brothers and sisters with respect no matter their actions or behaviour.

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