Sunday, June 24, 2012

Most important relationship ever, is between you and yourself.

If you love yourself because you know you try your best to be a good person, that you always try and help those who need it, because you see that all humans are equal...... then you have created the healthiest and most important relationship of your life.....the relationship with yourself. When you truly love yourself then you want only the best and most fulfilling experiences, people, thoughts in your space, and this is so important in creating a healthy life.

When you love yourself, you need not worry what others think or say about you and this gives you the freedom to be yourself and not many people truly have this freedom. The relationship you have with yourself determines what experiences you manifest within your life. If you feel good about who you are, what you do and the decisions you make, than you will vibrate at a level that will create experiences that make you feel better and better. If you feel guilt, anger, fear, resentment, shame, any of these emotions on a regular basis, than you will vibrate on a level that manifests more of those experiences.

You see the universe must send you what you do and what you think about. If you generally feel good, more of your experiences will make you feel good, if you generally feel bad, more of your experiences will make you feel bad.

If your in a rut and feel negative about your life due to past decisions and mistakes you made in the past, then it is time to let it go, move forward and use the mistakes to propel you into a better person, who has learned from those mistakes. Truly there are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn and choose differently next time.

Love yourself no matter what your past holds. This life isn't about the past, it's about creating our future. So create your future by being your own best friend, love yourself and be grateful for who you are and the past mistakes you made because in the end everything is just a lesson, and if you can learn from the lessons you are presented with, then you have already created a fantastic relationship with yourself. That is everything because the most important relationship ever, is between you and yourself !!

 Bless yourself !!!

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