Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two hundredth article, another big thank you !!

I am so excited to be writing this article and feel a great need to share my love, gratitude and appreciation to all. Thank you for the kind words you share with me. These words continue my motivated need to share my experiences to all. This spiritual path can seem like an up hill battle at times but as you stay on your path things seem to make a little more sense over time.

It is my passion to help my brothers and sisters who are awakening and to show unconditional love and compassion as they go through the many huge life changes many go through when first waking up. Then as we learn to handle these challenging situations we are often confronted with further challenges as to push us deeper onto the spiritual path. I love all and am grateful for all experiences, the good and the challenging.

I am so pleased to let everyone know how instrumental you all have been on my journey. I am excited and grateful to be able to say with the support of all of you, I have found the strength to open a spiritual shop, with readers, workshops and a variety of healing and divination tools. This has been my dream and just the beginning.

Thank you to all who are making a conscious effort to live through the heart. Thank you to all who are assisting those who are helping others. Thank you to everyone for just being you. Love and light to all and may your journey be blessed and full of love !!

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