Friday, June 22, 2012

We are all one, no one is a stranger !

There are no strangers to you here on earth, only friends in which you have not had the opportunity to meet yet, in this life. We are all brothers and sisters, we are created from the same Divine creative source, we are all on this life journey together, struggling to find the reasons for the way things are, trying to evolve ourselves into happier healthier beings.

We need not to see our brothers and sisters as stranger because this is not the truth of who they are. Any one we meet along our journey is important to who we are. Everything happens for a reason, so any stranger you meet, is no stranger. They are someone you agreed to have an experience with before you came into this life. You knew them before coming here and had a loving agreement to meet and have an experience, no matter if it feels like a positive one or negative one.

When we treat others as strangers, we treat them less than they deserve. When we treat others as long lost friends we haven't seen in ages, we embrace them with the love and kindness everyone deserves. When we see others as friends we see the relevance of meeting them and cherish all experiences with them.

Sometimes we can feel this without understanding what we are feeling. Have you ever met any one and instantly had a connection with them, like you have met before or know you are to connect with them, not knowing why ? This is your unconscious recognizing a soul friend even before your personality has a chance to disregard the meeting as unimportant. This is your soul knowing this is no stranger but is someone who you agreed to share an experience with while in this life.

Reverence is a true unconditional love of all things, people, and experiences and when we see no strangers we are less Kelley to treat them as such, We are all one, lets treat each other as such.
Bless you and every one you meet on your journey, please !!

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