Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crop circles are about communication.

Crop circles have been around for a long time and I remember growing up and watching the news with them telling us, there were done by people who where stirring up trouble and wanting to create publicity for themselves. Well I believed it partly then, but not now !

Crop circles are continuously popping up everywhere and there is no media coverage about this. Weird ? Not really. They don't want.....or are not allowed to tell or show you the truth. They do not know what to tell the world, they do not know how to explain they know exactly what the crop circle are and generally who are making them.

The government controls the media and the media only tells and shows the public what they are told to. So to the majority of the public, they are a mystery, even to those whose expertise is to decipher what these coded messages mean. The government does not wish for us to know the truth, for that would mean giving some power back to the people.

Crop circles are coded messages being given to us to help our evolution, to give us clues as to what is happening with the world right now and in the near future. They are messages being given to by beings that want the human race to use this time to create what we were meant to create and to be prepared for happenings in the near future.

Although even the greatest experts are not equipped with knowing exactly what these messages mean, they are however clear on the intent of these messages. They are to help us. We need to not only believe they are true messages but try harder to understand their meaning. Check out videos on you tube about crop circles.

Decide for yourself who is sending these coded messages and then study the symbols used in them to see if you can see messages the government wont let the media tell us....the general public.

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