Friday, April 25, 2014

Your emotions and dis-eases are guiding you !!

Although a crystal ball would be beneficial at times, it is not realistic but in place of our crystal ball we do have an internal gauge to help us feel whether we are on the right track. This internal guide is called many things such as intuition, gut feeling, higher self and many others, the way it works is by reading your emotional responses to situations, reactions, thoughts, experiences and such.

If we are not always conscious of how we are feeling, this can be challenging. The first thing you want to try is, on a daily basis be AWARE of how you are feeling at all times. Notice how and where you are feeling emotional sensations. For example notice how your stomach reacts to certain situations, is it tight ?, do you feel butterflies ? Do you feel nauseous ? How is your neck and shoulders feeling ? Do they feel tight ? relaxed and light ? How are you feeling in your mind ? Is it clear ? Does something seem out of sorts ?

Learning to read your bodies language can be a bit of a challenge in the beginning, as everyone experiences their sensations differently and in different areas of their body. Once you have begun to understand your body language, you can then begin to decipher how you are feeling in certain situations and if something is not quite right your body will let you know. For example if you feel the need to say something or feel the need to talk to someone about something specific and you have been putting it off possibly due to not wanting to upset anyone, then your throat may feel tight or irritated along with an uneasy feeling in your tummy area. If you notice this, it may be telling you, you need to take action in some way.

If you are not sure sit with yourself and just FEEL, what and where are you feeling ? Is it a lighter feeling or a heavy and uncomfortable feeling ? Keeping in mind that just because you are feeling nervous or anxious about a decision does not mean you should not do it because some things are hard or uncomfortable even though they need to be done.

If all else fails a combination of trial and error and emotional body responses can help you determine whether your actions were true to you and anyone else involved. If you feel you could have chosen a better course of action, as simply as possible just redirect your energy and move on with knowing what you have learned and apply it the next time as necessary. We are not expected to have all the right answers but it is in our best interest to help ourselves by reactivating and using this internal guide we were all born with. It's there for good reason. It is there to help us.

Choosing to be conscious of doing the right thing, is one thing, you can be sure is right !!

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