Friday, April 25, 2014

Feeling overwhelmed by a loved ones suffering ?

Sharing in an others person's experience can be anything from complete joy to utter devastation !! How you handle or involve yourself is where it can become tricky as there is a fine line between sharing in the experience and FEELING the experience as your own. Feeling someone's experience sounds great but as many empaths or clairsentients ( people who can literally feel what some one else is feeling ) would put it,..... It Could Be A Nightmare !!!!

When a friend or family member is going through tough times or even down right terrible times, it is normal to feel sadness for them, to cry with them, be angry for them, even sometimes act on their behalf, BUT many people can be sucked into the experience themselves. Empaths find it hard not to, they automatically feel emotion as if it were their own whether they want to or not. There is often a line many can cross out of love and genuin concern, that prevents us or blurrs our ability to decipher what we are feeling and if it is even ours that we are feeling.

If we find ourselves overwhelmed, completely drained, emotionally heavy, extended anxiety, prolonged sadness or anything out of the ordinary, there could be a couple things going on. First you may be an empath or someone who can feel what others feel literally as if it were your own or the person you are upset for could be an energy vampire or someone who feeds off the emotions of others, or it could be a combination of both. All of which have some solutions !!

An empath, sensitives, or clairsentients can learn to protect themselves when in the presents of the challenging emotions of friends and family. Surrounding yourself in the white light of the Holy Spirit or asking your Angels to protect you form such energies is extremely productive. You can also ask to be cleared of all energy you think you may have picked up. Saying " I only want to feel whats mine, right NOW " instantly clears others emotions from you. You can monitor and choose where and who you want to share energy with. Limit you time with negative people. Surround yourself with people that usually feel good and have a positive attitude.

If you find certain people always feeling bad, grumpy, complain or always have a lot of drama going on and it's usually negative, sad, aggressive drama, you can choose to limit your time spent with them. Energy vampires feed and get their energy from the negative energy and constant attention from others. We all go through hard times but some thrive in it and the more energy and time they can get from others the better they feel. You can ask for protection before meeting or speaking with them and clear yourself after separating.

Helping others just comes naturally to some and it can be very draining so learning how to be in the presence of these energies at least gives you some support in managing how they leave you feeling. Bless you for helping those who need it most but if you get overwhelmed in the process, you can now help yourself so you can continue helping others in healthier way !!

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