Sunday, May 4, 2014

Question EVERYTHING, you have been told to be true !!!

Most of everything you have been told to be true is far, far, far from the truth or at the vary least not the whole truth !!! Most of the time this is done through lack of knowledge, habitual patterns passed down from generation to generation, schooling and just plain ignorance on our part as to how to question authority in an effective way.

We tent to believe what we are feed by media, doctors, teachers, and any other title society has deemed as having answers. Problem is, most of our answers come from within and we continuously search for answers outside of ourselves. We want teachers, parents, friends, mentors, leaders, doctors, governments and other authority figures to give us the answers to everything. We can listen to what these "titles" give us as information and believe what they say to a certain extent, but people don't know.... what they don't know.

Facts change all the time. What was in the text books yesterday is not the same as what is in our books today and tomorrow it will be different still. How can we find the answers we desire and trust they are correct ?? You look within. You ask yourself, or another or a book, even google it if you want but you MUST learn to FEEL whether it is the truth to you, if you want the real truth !!!

You can tell right now whether something feels right or wrong. You feel good when you do something nice and you feel bad when you did something you wish you had not. Life is about learning and to truly learn you must find what is right to you. You cannot trust what anybody says or writes until you feel whether there might be some truth behind it. You then can do some research or ask more questions. Some answers may feel right or partly right and some will feel "off" and you can build upon that with more research and again feeling what is true to you.

This can be done with anything from "should you take this job?" "is it right to tell this person something that may upset them?" to "What foods are right for my body and spirit ?" and "is whet my doctor telling me the whole truth ?". We can eventually get to the truth if we look in the right places and remain conscious to what the universe is guiding us to. We will stumble and be humbled many time throughout our journey but it is up to us to seek the truth and FEEL if what we have heard, read or even seen to be true !!

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  1. FEELing is not the only key i believe! to question everything is the right key.. Its too easy to change our feelings about something we read or hear #media but it's not when it comes to logic, let our mind & heart #together be the filter.