Sunday, March 8, 2015

Who are the homeless ??

They are just another you !! They are sons and daughters. They are often fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers. They are aunts and uncles, friends and very well could have been your past co worker or neighbor. They are priceless human beings just like you. They feel emotion the same as you, maybe even more. They have precious gifts they can offer. They want to be loved and validated, just like we all do.

Many suffer mental illness, something a lot people understand. Many are going through trauma, crisis, grief, shame or hopelessness, again something we can not understand as we have not walked in their shoes. Many have drug and alcohol addiction to help cover their pain and many "need" to cover their pain as it is too hard for them to bare without !! Some have never recovered from abuses that we should never claim to understand and some find it impossible to cope with societies expectations. Some are just eccentric and highly spiritual beings needing only the basics to survive on the streets, while helping others less equipped. 

They are family to each other and many would give the shirt off their back, the only shirt they have.... and offer it to another who needed it more. They know what hard times, REALLY look like. They have experienced what most could not fathom and live a life of what most say "would never happen to them".......... Well life happens and we don't know what tomorrow will bring and I always say " NEVER SAY NEVER" or the universe will show you other wise.

Give to those living on the streets, give them  what you can, even if only a smile, a hello, a sandwich, have a conversation with them. Offer them your lunch or give them your mittens. Hand them your change and have no worries what they will spend it on, cause if it's drugs or alcohol, then so be it, that is what they need to get through their days until they are ready or capable of getting on their feet again. Give them your hand or ask them their story, sit beside them. See them as another you and know you are another them. 

We have no place to judge. Our place is ONLY to love in the best way we can. To help and give to others is our mission in life. Our gifts should be shared and passed along to anyone who could be helped by it. We need to wake up and know we are all equal and need to band together now. We need to help those around us and know when we help one person, it helps everyone. 

Next time you pass someone who lives or spends most of their time living on the streets, share a second of your time,.... minutes if you can, give them something, if it only be a smile, than thank you for acknowledging our fellow brother or sister. You will warm their heart with the smallest of gestures and all will make a difference, whether you see it or not, IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!


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