Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This too shall pass !!!

What does this mean........ Everything is always in motion, therefore nothing remains the same. This should be a great relief for many as sometimes when we are stuck in the moment we feel there is no way out.

When something arrives in our experience we tent to loose some perspective and things can really feel overwhelming. If we can remember these four words, perspective immediately broadens and there is more clarity to whichever emotion the experience brings.

This too shall pass is just a friendly reminder that everything in you past is exactly that....passed. Nothing has ever remained the same and thank goodness for that. There will always be experiences and some will bring really joyful and comfortable experience and some will definitely bring unfamiliar and uncomfortable experiences. Either way eventually those feelings will pass and something else will replace them.

We are taught on the spiritual path to a degree to live in the moment. That the here and now is the only moments in our lives that really matter. The only moments that really make a difference.

When really down and out, confused, sad, hurt, ashamed, felling guilty or any other uncomfortable emotion, ask why ? What is it trying to show you ? What is it wanting you to see ? Where is it wanting you to make change ? We don't want these emotions to just pass. We want to learn from them first, as to move past those lessons so we move on to other things. If they were to just pass, and we did not learn, then we will find ourselves in a similar experience down the road, as things will keep repeating themselves until we learn what it is we need to learn.

Whether we learn or not, your experience and the emotions associated with it will pass, but seeing as we have to be in that experience anyway, why not learn from it as to move forward and on to new and different experiences.

Reminding yourself that this too shall pass will bring perspective to your situation, therefore you can focus your attention on what it's trying to teaching you. Everything will keep moving as energy does, it will pass and new will come.

So be grateful when when life feels comfortable, and understand when life feels uncomfortable it is loving trying to guide you but either way that too shall pass and you will feel better again. What is now, will not be......tomorrow, so make the most of it, because that too shall pass.







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