Sunday, November 3, 2013

Smudging Herbs and how to use them

Smudging your home, property, space or self is an enjoyable experience. You are using your inner power to bring about your desires to have a positive, clear environment. Lighting the following herbs and using the smoke will not only clear away negative, old and stagnant energies, but can add various qualities to your space. While clearing your space just remember to hold in your heart what your desires are and believe your intentions will be honored. There is no wrong way to smudge, just light you herb, stay in your heart and hold your intention strong.

White Sage is one of the most common herbs, as it's main quality is, it's powerful ability to banish negativity in all forms. Whether negative thought forms, entities, emotions, or spirits, sage alone will more than likely be enough to accomplish what you desire. White sage is also a wisdom caller. It clears and opens your ability to receive and process wisdom.

Sweetgrass will clear a space but is known better for bringing in positive energies. It is commonly burnt after white sage has cleared negativity as sweetgrass calls in positive energies. Burning sweetgrass creates a space that is pleasing with a sense of positive support in the air.

Cedar is one of the most common and generally used plant. It will basically clear and balance a space. It's ability to neutralize all energies, creates a balanced environment. The fact it grows almost everywhere, makes it great to use in a pinch, when other herbs are unavailable.

Mugwort ( black sage ) is the number one herb for increasing psychic abilities, strengthening your intuition and producing vivid and colorful dreams. Mugwort burnt or even placed in a dream pillow will enhance you ability to see or hear through the thinning veil between our world and the spirit world. Mugwort is very protective as well. Great to use before creating a circle, ritual, meditation, channeling, or psychic reading.

Rosemary is great for protection. Using rosemary for the same reasons as mugwort's qualities, is a fantastic choice. Rituals, channeling or any time you are opening the line of communication to the spirit world, is a great time to use rosemary's protective qualities, as it will deter any negative energies within your space or communication lines.

Lavender is well known all over the world for it's calming effect. Burning lavender creates a peaceful inviting, calm space. Its soothing qualities induce a relaxing environment. Fantastic after a hard day. Will gently clear a space and leave it feeling lighter and enjoyable to be in.

Wormwood is well know for simply opening the line of communication to positive spirits. It is a very protective herb as well because of its powerful ability to call forth spirits. It's great protective qualities keep negative energies at way while you connect with positive, high vibrating energy. Burn a pinch and feel it's effects. WORMWOOD IS TOXIC, SO BURN A SMALL AMOUNT AND DO NOT INGEST OR DIRECTLY INHALE SMOKE.

This list does not include all herbs used as the list really is endless. These herbs are the more common ones with the qualities they carry. Herbs do so much. They are mother earths gift to us. They heal, mend, clear, banish, bring forth, fix, help, and they are everywhere !! It is in every ones best interest to learn a little more about herbs and how they can be used not only spritually but medicinally as many can be ingested, used topically and in creams, lotions and oils.

Smudging is a tool to aid you through your journey, it is always our responsibility to use them as a helper and not expect them to fix what we need to on the inside. Feel gratitude for the herbs as you burn them as they will always do their best to help you when you let them.

Happy smudging !!!!