Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to cleanse and charge your crystals.

There are many ways you can cleanse your helpful crystals, but keep in mind not all crystals can be cleansed the same way. Most crystals can withstand the various ways of clearing and almost all crystals can be charged the same way.

First off clearing or cleansing your crystals is a way to clear old or negative energy from them. It is like an epsom salt bath for us. Clearing your crystals gives them a fresh start, a boost to help them work most efficiently for you. It can be as simple or as fancy as you would like.

Charging your crystals helps them to tune into your vibrations. It is similar to tuning the radio station so it come through at its clearest. If you do not charge your crystal it will still work for you, but I feel the more intention you put into anything the more powerful it will work for you. You charging your crystal with the intention of having work for the greater good and at it peak performance is always beneficial. The simplest way to charge your crystals is to place them in your hands and from your heart, hold the intention for these crystals to work with you for the your and every ones greater good.

Here is a list with some of the more common ways to clear your crystals....

Leaving them out to sit in full sun for an afternoon will not only cleanse them but given the suns powerful energy it will also leave them fully charged,

Place them out any clear evening but full moon is especially powerful as the moon at it full carries great energies and enchanting powers. This also charges your crystals.

You can smudge your crystals using whatever herbs you regularly use. Burning the smudge and running your crystals through the smoke will clear the old energy from your crystals as it does for the energy in your room or house. I feel you should charge your crystals after this technique.

You can place most crystals in salt water for a few hours to clear them. The salt water will absorb the unwanted energy and neutralize it for you. This should NOT be done with raw pieces or such stones as hematite, as it will cause them to erode. Charging them after this method is recommended.

Using candle light or natural fire is another great way to cleanse them. DO NOT place them directly into the fire but run them over the flames holding the intention to cleanse away unwanted energy. Fire is very energizing so so what feels right when it comes to charging them.

You can place your collection into a shallow hole you dig in your garden or lawn. Placing them into the dirt for a day or two with have Mother Earth cleansing your crystals like new. Some crystals especially the raw ones will not withstand the dirt so it is a good idea to wrap your crystals in paper towel before placing them in the dirt. I feel mother earth is also great at charging everything, so your crystals should be good to go, but do what feels right to you.

In a pinch you can simply hold your crystals and ask the universe to clear your crystals. Hold in your heart that you want these crystals working in tip top shape, envision them being cleared and fully charged and remember to always feel and show gratitude to your crystal !!

There are no right or wrong ways to clear or charge your crystals, so just follow your heart and do what feel appropriate to you.







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