Monday, July 29, 2013

Learn to read the world around you

The Universe has been sending you messages since the day you were born. This universal Energy or God, or Spirit, which ever you call the higher power, uses anything and everything to guide you and show you signs that contain little messages within them. You are given sings through everything from our animals friends to the colors and numbers you come across in you daily schedule. Are you able to read the signs and messages the universe is continually trying to have you notice ?

At first it can seem overwhelming trying to interpret what you are noticing and feeling, but rest assured once you do a little research on what the symbols represent and put them into practice, it almost becomes second nature to read what is going on around you. It truly becomes magical.

Many symbols can be categorized, such as animals, numbers, colors and trees. Each has a running theme or message that you can most certainly apply to your life's current circumstances. You can look at one category at a time or combine them together. The more you recall the messages being the different symbols (animal, tree, number...) the more detailed the message you receive.

There are messages that don't really fit in a category, nor do they really need to. These are the spoken or written words you happen to over hear or read throughout your day. These are messages given to you and they may come from the lady in front of you at the market, who is having a conversation with the cashier and they say something about the very thing you were wondering earlier that week. or it may could come from a billboard you pass by on your way a business meeting, or a bumper sticker on the car ahead of you. If it resins with you, or you feel connected with it somehow, then guaranteed there is a message for you contained within it !!

You can find a lot of information on the internet on symbols and the meanings behind them. Just type in spiritual meaning of......what ever animal or type of tree or even category, such as spiritual meaning behind numbers pr animals.....lots of information will pop up. Have fun learning about this coded world full of divine guidance. In the beginning it really is about memorizing a few of the symbol meaning them practice noticing them and apply its meaning to what is current in your life at that time.

If everyone learned the fluent language of true divine guidance in the material world, there would be much less confusion.







Here is an example from a past article...

Messages through animals, birds, insects, reptiles, water creatures..

Here is a good example of a story, that was told through seeing wildlife. One day while going through some major changes, and feeling overwhelmed from the pressure of it all, a friend took me to a river to sit (water is very cleansing and healing) I first had this desire to hold a frog, so I caught one and held it for a while, while I was holding the frog, a hawk flew over, then I noticed about 25 little butterflies gathered in this one spot on the ground, then as we were leaving a young deer crossed our path no more than 10 feet in front of us.

I knew there was a story unfolding. I wrote it down, and began to analyze what was shown to me that day. I knew frog represents cleansing and hawk is a messenger from above, butterflies stand for transformation, and deer is a symbol for gentleness.

So the story goes.... frog was telling me I was overdue for some major cleansing of old emotions, and negativity, that had build up overtime. Hawk was telling me to pay attention to the messages that are continuously flowing in. The butterfly was showing me I was going through some major transformations in my life, most of them thoughts and beliefs, which validated I was going through a challenging time.  Deer was telling me to be gentle and patient with myself. What an amazing conformation, I was on the right path.