Sunday, June 2, 2013

YES - There's a reason for everything !!

Yes the old saying "everything happens for a reason" is true....perfect divine timing, with perfect divine reason. You may wonder how this must be so when looking back on some of your experiences, but if you think back very carefully, you will see many times when you thought something was negative but worked out to be better than you had planned.

Sometimes when things happen to us, we are unable to see the bigger picture and due to the emotion that is attached to what we think is best, we hold on to the picture we had in our mind as to how things should be instead of seeing what really is and knowing that what ever is going on is for bigger purposes that will eventually benefit everyone involved. This is true especially if one can see the good in all !!

When someone who is negative or pessimistic goes through challenges it is likely they will miss out on the opportunity that is being offered. When some one who reveres live, and has faith all things are working together, they flow through life's challenges like the river flows through the twists and turns it encounters on its chosen path.

When something doesn't go the way we planned or we experiences something "bad" or even horrific, there are perspectives you can take, that give the understanding that's needed to see through the experience and find the truth in the bigger picture. When we can make conscious effort to try and see what might be the silver lining, we may just surprise ourselves to find there is always one if you look hard enough, or even better go within our heart and just know everything is in perfect divine working order !!

Life is never perfect, yet it is always perfect, so flow like the river, bend like the willow and always just keep doing your best to be your best and your highest path will be laid before you. Staying in your heart is not always easy but once you learn how it makes everything easier.Everything really does happen for a reason, even if we can't be sure what that reason is, sometimes we never really know and other times we find out years down the as to why something happened way back when....

Everything good, bad, happy, sad, scary, hard, terrifying, exciting, challenging, has made us who we are today. We choose how to respond to what happens to us, we even choose everything that happens to us, so find the silver lining, find the good and know you are always cared for unconditionally, especially when you are at your worst !!