Saturday, June 1, 2013

"ADHD" = "Indigo children" epidemic or blessing?

ADHD is it an epidemic or spiritual blessing ?........ Depends on who you ask it seems.

There are literally millions of children and even adults on medication for the symptoms that go along with ADHD....and..... There are millions of strong willed and creative high energy people needed to stand together in order to make change in this world !! and the world is definitely in need of change !!!

So where does that leave these people who have the challenges ?.......very confused !!!!

The medical field and pharmaceutical companies reinforce the need to take medication as the best way to manage or control the behaviors that create the challenges. The spiritual community, teachers and leaders embrace them and understand they come here in high numbers with the number continually growing in order to force change where it is needed.

The schools, doctors and alike do not see the need to heal what is really going on, they do not think long term as to what happens to the majority of medicated children when they become teens. The sad truth is most take themselves off the medication they have been given to control their behavior and turn to self medication and gratification or desensitization through drugs, alcohol, sex, or fall into deep depression because they have not been helped to balance their behavior. They have only been given a band aid to cover the real problem and when the band aid comes off, there is still a fresh open wound waiting to be healed properly.

The spiritual or universally in tuned community see these children or adults as highly sensitive, possibly unbalanced individuals as souls with an extremely high potential for creating amazing changes to this world from forcing change in many areas from the school systems to rebelling against the greedy ways of the government. This potential is heightened when the proper teaching is given to these children and rarely is medication included in the teaching.

The real epidemic is the need to always have a quick fix to everything. Well sorry to say there is no quick fix to this "ADHD" and what they use now..... medication, as a quick truth is creating something later that will demand a solution that there is no quick fix for.

When these children are embraced as Indigos and other spiritual terms such as the crystal children, new age children, rainbow children, then the qualities they came down here with begin to shine. They need loving yet very strong leaders to stand up to their tantrums, the busyness, and the demands and needs they always need.

 They need people to stand up for them and their needs and to be taught to speak their truth but with integrity as this is the only way others will listen. They need to be shown how they are special and must know they are loved no matter what their challenges are. They need to be told they chose to come here and make change and it is a hard job but they are up to it !!!

Through out history most of our great creators, inventors and inspiring people, were less than star students. Many could have been labeled ADHD. Some were even called crazy, but they were not medicated and the magnification creations they brought to this world may not have come to be, if they were.

Utilize Google to research some more information. Search words such as indigo and adhd, spiritual starseeds,  spiritual indigo symptoms, helping my indigo child/adhd child. There are many sources and the help is out there. You may just find yourself described while doing your research !!

After you've done some research ask yourself again....epidemic or blessing ?







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