Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ADHD, ODD, ADD symptoms need love spiritually not medication !

ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, and other diagnosis or labels used to describe symptoms such as defiance, repetitive behaviors, lack of attention span, over activity, aggression, impatience, lack of impulse control, forgetfulness and many other umbrella symptoms could also describe many spiritual labels such as Indigos, crystal or rainbow children, children of the light, starseeds, sensitives and many others.

Spiritually the indigo and alike children are embraced for their "symptoms" They are taught to embrace their challenges and are taught balance and other techniques to strengthen which ever area they struggle in. You see they came here for a reason. They came here to create change here on earth. The world need massive change and these children came here to make it happen.

The reason they have such broad terms in the medical field is because they came here to different jobs. Some will not conform and fight you on everything you ask them to do, they want reasons and sense when you are manipulating or deceiving them in any way. They will speak their truth and usually in an inappropriate way until they are taught how to speak their truth with integrity and respecting others at the same time. Some came to create great and ingenious systems and products and thoughts. Some have an extreme abundance of energy so they can carry out their task, which will need an abundance of energy. Some only take in what they will need for their mission here on earth so everything else others are trying to teach them, they couldn't care less.

Medically and socially they are outcasts, isolated, punished, made fun of, and worst of all medicated. The medications used to stop or lessen the symptoms of ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD go straight to the part of the brain which connects us to spirit and all of our spiritual gifts....the pinial gland in the center of the brain.

Parents who put their children on medication do not understand or have the support, or feel pressure by the school system and doctors. I know this cause I was one of them for a short period of time !! When your child is struggling with anything you only want to help and unfortunately doctors only think meds and the school system only thinks "what will make this child stop so we can teach and they can learn". Most doctors, teachers, principals and other professionals involved with your child mean well, but when million of children in the past 10 have all of sudden started showing these extreme behaviors, one should wonder..... how many will there be in another 10 years ?, or 20 years ? Will everyone be on meds for these symptoms ??

I think not. We need to teach our children how to heal not medicate. Most of these children take them selves off their medication in early teens and start medicating with pot, alcohol, sex and other feel good habits. This is not good, seeing as in another 5 years or so the millions of children now taking meds to cope with their symptoms will be teenagers.

We are Spirituality In You are doing everything we can to change this. We have children's workshops to help them connect spiritually to their gifts. We are also trying to get energy treatments, like reiki and therapeutic touch into the school system. We have a group on face book https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spirituality-In-You/374228612640313?id=374228612640313&sk=events for updates on our progress.

There are answers besides medication and we are trying to get that out there. Its not easy and parents, teacher, and other caregivers that work with these children, I send you my love and good thoughts, cause I know how difficult it can be to struggle not knowing where to turn or how to make change. Please join us on face book and show your support on giving these kids a fair change to be who they were meant to be, to learn to balance what ever it is they struggle with, to shine their gifts without dulling them with meds and labels that harm them emotionally, socially, mentally, even physically !! We need you !! They need you even more !!!







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