Sunday, May 12, 2013

Making a spiritual altar

Making an altar is a lot simpler than many realize and using it, is just as easy. An altar is created as a sacred or meaningful spot that has a collection of meaningful items you have collected along your journey or items that have special meaning to you.

You may use you altar for many reason. Some use it to pray or offer thanks to their God or their Angels or Guides. Some use it to practice rituals or spell casting. Some go to it when they are grieving or having a hard time dealing with something. Some just simply light a candle or some incense or burn smudge. An altar is a nice safe place where you can be you and practice your faith, what ever it may be.

When you set up an altar, your intention is to create a space where you can show your reverence for the universe !!

 What you choose to use as your altar as well, as it location is also what ever feels right to you. Some use a small table, some a fancy plate or glass dish, some the top of a bookshelf or wall shelf, some use their dresser or small area on the counter. It really doesn't matter what you use, as long as you are comfortable in that space or area. The room also matters very little, kitchen, bedroom, family room, closet, dining room, even bathroom is perfectly fine so long as you are able to relax and be comfortable enough to do what you want to do.

The items you choose to place on your altar have only to have special meaning to you. Others may have some of the same objects as you but most likely there are very few alters that look the same. Angels, candles, incense, lucky objects, special rocks or gemstones, glass figurines, animal symbols are a few common items that can be found on ones altar.

Some other items that may be found are bells, essential oils, oil burners, protection symbols, prayers, affirmations, favorite crystals, cauldrons, herbs, salts, keys, rings or jewelry, shells, coins as well as many, many other items. The item will have relevance to your journey, it will have deeper meaning to you and no items are off limits, so long as the item bring reverence or love to you when seeing it.

An altar need not, to be complicated. It only needs you faith and what ever else is just more intention put into your project. You altar can be big or small, fancy or simple, most start small and grow as the years go by. Hopefully this clears up any complicating thoughts in regards to creating "the right" altar. Have fun creating your sacred space and know it is perfect just for you !!!







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