Saturday, May 25, 2013

What is Feng Shui ?

Feng shui is a practical form of art that uses a combination of intuition with a some what flexible map called a bau gua map. It requires only simple adjustments to things such as furniture, colors used within a room, nic nac and art placement. You have the option to make more extreme adjustments such as changing the usage of a room, repainting, extreme de cluttering or front and backyard makeovers.

Feng shui literally means “wind” (feng) and “water”(shui) and can help you increase your health, energy, wealth, relationships and your general well being. It considers the elements of water, wood , fire, air and also includes metal. The bau gua map gives a general out line of furniture placement, color usage within different areas of your home, and placement of room accents, such as wall pictures, plants, nic nacs and other objects you want within a room. It even offers tips on how to use tools such as wind chimes and mirrors to help where the usually remedy will not work.

The benefits of using feng shui within your space are noticeable immediately. It will create a good flow of energy (chi) within the area it is used on. Feng shui doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. These simple yet powerful methods clear your space of old and stagnant energy giving a wonderful boost of good clear energy. You can keep it as simple or go as in depth as you  would like. Any adjustment will benefit. It only makes sense that the more in depth effort and intention you put into it, the more benefit you will see.

Your intuition will be your greatest asset here as it will guide you to what feels right and what may still be causing some blockage of energy. You want your space to have good energy flow and your intuition will guide you. Using the techniques the bau gua map teaches in combination with your intuition will be very beneficial to any space.

This is just the basics of what Feng shui is and some of the benefits to learning and applying it to your home or work space. You can find pictures of the bau gua map and how to apply it to your space on Google and You Tube. I encourage you to read up and learn more about this intuitive art that not only benefits your health but many other areas of your life !!