Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 There are endless reasons we choose to light candles, they can include such reasons as to bring the light or energy of spirit to your surroundings, add romance, for prayer, aesthetics, scents, protection, rituals, magik, divination and many others. What ever the reason, candles are a beautiful addition any where.

The point of this information is to give you some deeper meaning to the symbolism behind the colors, scents, size and other spiritual purposes behind using candles.

Colors are a great attribute when burning candles. For instance burning a.......

**Green candle can call abundance, and prosperity,
**Black can be burned for protection spells and rituals,
**Red is common for love and romance, white commonly represents spirit or the divine,
**Purple is associated with enhancing psychic abilities and the higher chakras,
**Orange is stimulating to your creative en devours,
**Yellow and Pink are very calming and peaceful
and the list goes on.

Scents are a great addition to candles. Aromatherapy is a growing field as more and more are realizing the benefits of using scents as a natural way treating may symptoms. Some common scents and their benefit are as follows;

**Lavender is superb for calming,
**Rosemary and Juniper Berry are stimulating,
**Lemon is invigorating,
**Sage or Peppermint is clearing,
and combination scents can be used as well.

The rule of thumb is if the scent improves the way you are feeling, more than likely it is a good scent for you.

Candles are made from a variety of waxes.

**The more natural and cleaner burning waxes include, bees wax, and soy.
**Although not as clean paraffin wax is common due to it inexpensive price.
**Candles can even be made from liquid oils such as olive oil and other.

Candles are used everywhere, birthdays, funerals, restaurants, spas, home and endless other places. There is always more to learn to utilize their benefits to the max. You can even make them yourself with little effort. Google or search You tube for great information that will open new doors to using candles to their full potential.