Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to smudge yourself and home

Smudging is a technique most commonly known to be used by Natives. Herbs are gathered with the intention of burning them in order to cleanse yourself or a space, or property of negate energy or lower vibrations. Herbs can be bound together into stick, left loose, or even mixed, depending on the occasion.

There are many types of herb that can be used. Some common ones are...... 

White Sage - exceptional at clearing negativity,
Sweet grass - calls forth positive energy and spirits,
Mug wort - know to increase psychic abilities and paranormal experiences,
Lavender - clears a space and promotes a relaxed environment.

Some common reasons for smudging would be to....... 

-To clear a specific room or entire home of low vibrational energy, left over from a traumatic incident, visitor or an argument between family, even a negative or traumatic phone call.

-To clear old energy from a home you may be moving into. Smudging the entire home and property, clears the prior owners energy, leaving a fresh clear energy to start with.

-To clear a space, room, or circle in which you would like to call upon Divine guidance, through meditation or ritual for example. You can not only clear energy but also call energy using different herbs.

-You may wish to smudge yourself after a particularly hard day, like encountering a number of negative people or after witnessing something intense, scary or traumatic.

-Some may burn particular herbs to honor, revere or thank specific spirits for their guidance or help.

-Some may feel the presence of negative energy or earth bound spirits (ghosts) in their home or on their property. You can use smudge while holding the intention that those spirits are not welcome there.

-You may feel the need or be asked by a family member or friend, to smudge them. If some one is going through a hard time, whether grief, fear, illness, chaos, negativity, depression, anxiety, rage, resentment, smudging can be a beneficial tool to help clear these energies from them.

There is really no specific way to smudge, the main ingredients are intention, faith and gratitude. Light your herbs, blow out the flame and use the smoke to start clearing. Its a good idea to do all the nooks and crannies of the area you are clearing. Closets, beds, bushes, behind sheds, and corners are important to remember when clearing larger spaces.

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