Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Natural Flower remedies really do work !!

Bach flower remedies work with energy. It uses the energy within the plant or flower as a remedy to particular challenges or ailments. Energy is everywhere. Scientist now agree that everything  is made up of energy. All things are energy from plants, animals, people, and solid structures can even be broken down to energy.

All energy vibrates at a particular frequency, and every frequency level sustains certain qualities or attributes. When a plant is placed into a liquid with the intention of transferring its particular energy to the liquid, this energy is preserved in the liquid in order to use at a later time.

Bach flower remedies are liquids that contain the energy of specific plants. The plants used vibrate a particular levels that aid in treating things such as guilt, repetitive behaviors, impatience, indecisiveness, and many others.

They are completely natural and there are many ways of using them, most commonly you place a few drops in the mouth as needed, or if it is preserved in an alcohol base, and dislike the taste you can place the drops on your skin, Regardless your body will absorb the energy as needed.

Energy is  the everything and Bach Remedies are a great example of what we can do with energy !!!







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