Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lightworker, Indigo, Crystal, Wayshower, New Age humans.

Light workers are souls or beings just like you, but have chosen to come here with the full intention of helping to heal their soul brothers, sisters, and mother earth along the way. They came here to further evolve their own soul but also every other soul they encounter. They have an inner knowing thing should not be as they are. They feel there is a different way to view how this great universe works.

Many go through very difficult times in order to have compassion and a deeper understanding of others. Some are born very awake and have many psychic abilities or are born into very spiritual families, but for the most, it isn't until their 20's, 30's, 40's, or older until, through their own experiences and challenges they begin to understand and wake up to their true calling.

Light workers are people who have deep reverence for people, animals, plants, mother earth. They have difficulties understanding the harshness in this world. Some become so troubled by the negativity and harshness, they build very thick walls around them or even resort to harsh retaliation in order to cope with the energies they are bombarded with. Drugs and alcohol are often used to desensitize the energy they are taking on around them. Once they find the right information, many are able to utilize other forms to protect themselves, such as visualization, crystals, prayers, amulets, and many others.

Light workers who are aware of their life purpose, no longer choose fear to control anything, giving them the ability to do anything they feel their heart guides them too and this is how they are able to give endlessly without any expectations. They tell others they love them and that they are special, They sense when others are down and genuinely try to help others, to the point of giving their last dollar or the shirt off their back because their knowing of how the universe works, allows them to know that anything and everything they need will be provided.

Light workers are here to bring light in these difficult times. They are here to move us all into new ways of living. They are strong and courageous, they are guided by their inner self and care not what others think, but care deeply about others in general.

Many reading this will feel very connected to this energy, and I encourage you to utilize the Internet to learn more. Every one has the ability to shine light upon others, to be a light worker, so please go and shine where ever you go !!

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