Saturday, May 25, 2013

What is a medicine bag used for ?

A medicine bag is a bag that has items that are sacred or have especial meaning to you spiritually or have some kind of healing relevance to you from along your journeys. It may have items such as crystal, herbs, feathers, bones, rocks or anything else that has meaning to you.

Your medicine bag may be something you wish to carry with you at all times, like a protection amulet or just feels right to keep it with you because you call upon the item within it often. You can keep your pouch on a string around your neck or even keep it another back you keep with you such as a back pack or even keep in your pocket or tied to your wrist.

If  you do not wish to keep your medicine bag on you then you want to keep it in a special or sacred space such as your alter or on a shelf that you keep your spiritual tools , or even near the place you feel most comfortable doing prayer or carrying out rituals.

There are no rules to having, making, or carrying a medicine bag. It is always about what feels right to you and you experience, what has significance to you, and what your intention of having or carrying a medicine bag is.

There are different reasons someone would have one of these bags. They may be some type of healer and the tools they wish to use are kept within it and carried for convenience. Some one may have had many experiences that have taught them big lessons and showed them their true strength and they have items in which are a reminder as to their strength when they are in challenging times. This is a form of medicine. Again there are no right or wrong reasons to have a medicine bag.

Only remember to respect and give gratitude to your items and the pouch in which you carry them, cause if they are significant enough to be considered or used as medicine, then they should be appreciated, for sharing that gift with you.

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