Saturday, August 8, 2015

What is consciousness ??

Consciousness is a state of being. It is your present perception of where you are right now in relation to everything around you. How you perceive your desires, goals, nature, careers, relationships, experiences, it is how you understand and experience the world around you. Consciousness is something we all have and are presently at a different level or understanding then every other being. We are all, at a very unique and personal level of being conscious.

There is a level of knowing, feeling or understanding there is something bigger around us. There is a higher power out there. We can call It which ever name your path, religion or belief uses. Anything from Father God, Budda, Jesus, to Mother God, Universe, creator and source energy but it is an all mighty energy that encompasses the very meaning of love.

When we open ourselves to the unknown and understand we actually know very little, that is when we raise our consciousness. We take down the barriers that dull our senses, the very senses that connect us to higher levels of consciousness. These barriers could be anything from drugs and alcohol to avoidance and blame.

Consciousness is something we should all be looking to expand. We can open ourselves to the unimaginable and then begin to experience the unimaginable. We can begin to ignite a series of events, that will gravitate you to more ways, that will expand your consciousness.

Consciousness is where we fit in, how we explain and experience the world around us, who we think we are, what life is all about to us, what we feel about our daily experiences and how we relate to all that is. Although there is technically  no right or wrong belief system, we have to agree to the fact we know very little and need to have the willingness and openness to continuously learn and grow and most importantly stay in our hearts.

As we raise our vibration, we become more conscious to who and what we are and when combined with faith, hard work and remaining humbled, we can become that which we came from.... An all mighty, humbled being that can create, manifest, heal and love unconditionally and as we continue to raise our vibration we become stronger and that which was challenging becomes easier, such as.... to think of loving your enemy may make you scoff now but as you become more conscious it becomes easier to love unconditionally. Not only does it become easier, it become part of you.

Open yourself to a level of consciousness which allows you to explore possibilities that might push the limits of your abilities. Raising your consciousness may seem like a glorious thing and really it is !! but it is a challenging path, as much of what you believe and truths you based your experiences on are challenged and there is much you will have to unlearn and relearn and re attune your thoughts and beliefs to a higher vibration.

Consciousness is a grand and complicated thing that really can be simplified by knowing every soul on earth is at a different level of consciousness and that is totally ok as we are all exactly where we need to be in order to learn what we need to. We can only raise our own vibrations, our own consciousness but you will notice a ripple effect over the years as the people around you will wonder where the magnificent change in you came form.

It means becoming aware of the fact we are not just born to live this life, then die. It is becoming aware there is so much more to the story then we have been told our whole lives. It is feeding that hunger inside of you that craves to know who we are, where we came from and finding a way to do what we love to do.

It is learning that we are these incredible beings, that through misinformation have forgotten the incredible things we can do and what we came here to carry out. It is realizing that everything we see, hear, touch, and experience is only to help us understand life and remind us of where we are going.

It is being conscious to the deeper meaning of everything going on around you. Knowing every person, animal, number, word, or experience is trying to offer you a piece to your puzzle or another friendly push in the right direction.

It is being cautious about everything you have been told and learning to discern what is truth by learning to feel what resonates with you. Keeping in mind organizations such as government, pharmaceuticals, media and many more are not only keeping many truths from you but are intentionally misleading you at every turn.

Consciousness is being aware and understanding what is really going on, which is extremely beneficial, especially when going through hard times, or "negative" situations. Shifting your awareness, changes your perspective on every level. It is emotionally hard work but worth it as it connects you to everyone and everything. We are all one.

It is being grateful for what is shown to you, even when we sometimes don't understand things right away. It is knowing when something doesn't go as planned it just means modify, be patient, it wasn't meant for us that way or the timing is off and there is probably already a better opportunity already being lined up and on it's way to you.

When '' everything happens for a reason '' becomes understood and embraced as part of your know you are on the path of being consciously aware, and what a peaceful place to be.

When you understand everything happens for a reason, you also begin to understand how everything is connected and works together and when you begin searching for answers or reasons to your experiences, you become empowered and that my friends is what makes us consciously aware.

Just be your conscious self and others will embrace the changing you or they will disappear from your experience. Either way human consciousness is on the rise... You can rise with the times or remain where you are. Both are totally ok !!

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