Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why go natural, organic and sustainable??

To start you will live a longer, healthier life, knowing you did everything you could do to not only take care of you body but of the planet as a whole. You did your part in trying to leave the earth in better condition than it was for you, for your children and all generations that follow.

 There are really endless reasons to choose a more natural and sustainable existence. Everything from natural cleaners to organic foods and sustainable energy are readily available, but the question is WHY should we choose the natural over synthetic and chemically produced products ??

We are living in a rapidly changing world, some of the changes are good but others are not so good. We have opportunity for choices, that we did have not have, in the past. We have options to choose a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and in turn leaving a healthier earth for our future generations. Spiritually life becomes lighter and even necessity to become more natural. We become very sensitive to heavy energies and chemicals.

Little changes are good changes, whether it is buying organic in support of eliminating use of pesticide or because you want to better your chances of being cancer free all your life. It could be finding a source of natural cleaners ( which there are plenty !! ) in support of lessening the rate of poison we willing give to our mother earth or because you want less chemicals in your living space, it all makes a long term difference.

People are becoming more sensitive to everything, both with energy and what surrounds us in our environment. People are tired and beginning to want a simpler life. These are the times, and we are the ones that made it complicated. We are craving change and when we start with little things, the universe will undoubtedly present you with more opportunities to go even more natural and sustainable.

We do not need three quarters of the "stuff" we have in our houses. The healthy food we buy are the same foods we can eat and clean ourselves and even disinfect your house hold items, such as cloths, counters, floors and basically anything else.

Before long we will not need or need very little of oil, gas, propane or anything else which depletes mother earth. There is much harm being done to our planet out of greed and ignorance and we are now starting to see the effects of it. There are other resources that are ever replenishable, such as sun, hemp and water. The cost is too high for most right now but everything is working itself out and if we are smart and pay attention we are being given little opportunities to live better. The more we demand and speak out for change, the faster we can begin to heal ourselves and mother earth could regain some balance through our help too.

Every little bit helps, everything from starting to recycle or compost, using natural products and home remedies to growing your own garden or putting in a solar panel, it all helps and set the foundation a little stronger for those that follow in the years to come.

:) Here's to a healthier planet and a healthier you :)