Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hurt people....Hurt people !!

We all have that co-worker that walks around all day with their nickers in a bunch being mean and grumpy with anyone they can, or that neighbor that yells at every person that walks by for just about anything, or that friend that seems to complain about everything, gets jealous over everything, and makes you feel bad for just about everything you do, and many of us have that ex that does anything to try and hurt you.

It's sometimes hard to imagine being kind to some one who is intentionally or even not intentionally hurting you or someone else. But if we remember HURT people, HURT people, we can learn to respond differently.

This does not excuse their behavior and willingness to have others suffer because they themselves suffer. Remembering Hurt people, hurt people we can lessen the energy pull they try to invoke from us. We can know that if they could do better, they would do better.

People who are generally happy, grateful and have an appreciation  for life and what it has to offer, do not do things intentionally to hurt another person, They do not regularly seek out someone to spew negativity at. Healthy, stable people look to help and share what they can.

Try to see into the person that seems to be intentionally mean and creates conflict everywhere they go, know you cannot change them but you can empathize and therefore desensitize yourself to the energy the put forth. You can understand they are suffering somewhere in their life and don't know any better than to outwardly show their pain. They usually have no other way to cope.

When someone is so hurt in their life, most times they don't even realize on the deeper level what it is they are doing. They have numbed themselves to their own pain so how they possibly understand or even CARE what they are doing is creating anguish in someone elses life.

Like attracts and reacts to like. So how one is feeling inside is a total reflection of how they are acting on the outside and likewise.... How one is behaving toward others is a reflection of what they are feeling inside themselves.

We cannot really DO anything to change their behavior but we can either reach out to them and respond in love, which will probably freak them out, as they would not be use to it, and therefore may respond badly to your energy but non the less it will be felt by them. Sometimes reaching out is not possible so you can offer your blessing, a prayer and just understand they hurting deeply somewhere.

No matter how bad they behave or how terrible their personality may seem, we have the ability to respond in love.

We also have the ability to prevent the negative feelings they bring out in ourselves by knowing .....Hurt people, Hurt people, we CAN choose to NOT hurt back but instead send love, knowing it will be received on some level. You may never see it but  guaranteed they will feel it.

Be the change you wish to see !!! We can do this :)