Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Steer away from spiritual or religious snobbery

Spirituality and religions core values are suppose to encompass the qualities of unconditional love, equality and no judgment to another being................... Perfect !!! Right ?? religious

Most often this is the case but we will encounter moments where we will consider ourselves better than someone that is not, of like mind. This is normal, sort of. |We are human and egos play a big role in all our lives. How we respond and behave when we catch ourselves feeling superior is really what counts.

When we find ourselves thinking thoughts of judgment to another, or using words that are demeaning to someone or even outwardly behaving superior to others values or actions we must stop and remember we have to be the change we are all seeking, on the path of Love !!

Too easily we can feel better than someone else because the are not as conscious or open to our beliefs. This is only amplifying the problems we seek to erraticate. We must go into our heart space and remember we are all equal and have infinite time to evolve.

We cannot claim to love unconditionally, and see ourselves as ONE and therefore equal to all........ when we think thoughts or have feeling of being better, higher or more superior than another.

We truly are equal to every human. We are all cut from the same cloth. Some of us have grown and try consciously to live through our hearts and others may have fallen and cannot find their way back.

This does not make one more superior. It makes us equal. It makes us human. Not one persons human value is ever greater than another. The brain surgeon is no more superior than the homeless guy who lives down the road.

We are here to lift the people and beings around us. We are here to learn the true value of love. Love is the strongest most freeing energy and when we see ourselves as equals to everyone, we can do what we came here to do and lift those who suffer or live in a way, that we feel an urge to judge.

If we did not come across people whose values differ from us how would we have the opportunity to test the strength of our love, patience and willingness to help those who can never repay you with anything more than a thank you or smile and maybe not even that.

When we find ourselves about to commit spiritual or religious snobbery, simply give your ego a nudge and find your way into your heart.

Do not look down on anyone,...... do not think "I would never"..... do not have feelings of superiority,....... do not consider yourself better than anyone. If you cannot connect or help them in any way your mission is to pray for them, send them good thoughts and energy. When you say a prayer or send a good thought to another you will instantly be put at you hearts center and the ripple effect is what is going to save us as a whole.

Whether we like it or believe it or not..... we are all ONE with everything, we are all connected in ways most still cannot fully comprehend. When one person suffers it effects the whole. Love is what heals, Love is the only healer and love can be sent all over the world from where you are sitting right now.

So if you consider yourself a loving religious or spiritual being, leave the snobbery in the past and lift those around you, even if it's only through a prayer or loving thought <3