Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do thoughts have power ?

Yes your thoughts have power, your thoughts are your power. Thoughts are what ignite your power. Your power to accomplish and attract the things you desire into your life. These things you desire can be and are manifested through your thoughts. Thoughts create your reality. Depending on what you are trying to manifest, more patience and persistence will be required.

For instance, say you have an important test coming up and you use positive affirmations such as, " I can do this, I AM going to pass, I will do this, I can", combining this with some studying on you behalf drastically increases your chances of passing. If you holding these positive thoughts in your head, they will create enough energy for them to manifest themselves into a passing mark.

A deeper example, say you have been cheated on, in past relationships, possibly repeatedly, it's easy to slip into thoughts of "I'm never going to find someone I can trust" or " This always happens to me" and so on. These thought can and will create your reality, you will continue to find partners that will cheat on you leaving you feeling less worthy than you are. When you change your thoughts to " I AM worth it, I deserve to be treated with respect and worth", you will bring this into your life, you will create a reality for yourself of being loved and treated with respect. This type of thinking can take a bit of time to manifest.

Remember your thoughts have created your whole reality and everything is very connected, so it may take a while for everything to become untangled and rewired. Over time learning to control your thoughts helps to create everything from your self worth, to your financial situation, to your health, to your relationships.

Thoughts are very powerful, but if you mind what you think and learn to stay positive and hold positive thoughts you will create a wonderful reality for yourself. When people start paying attention to their thoughts, most are shocked at the hundreds of negative thoughts we have in just one day. Holding positive thoughts does get easier with practice.

When creating a new reality in an area of your life, especially a positive one, you must also do the work to go along with it. I mean if you want that dream job you have to be willing to get out there and do what you have to do, to get it. Whether it be more education or more socializing,  if you do your part, you can bet your reality WILL change.

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