Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Angels can help you.

There is an Angel for everything. Many people wonder what to ask for, from an Angel. Well I am happy to tell you that whatever the issue or assistance needed, there is one that specializes in that area. All you need to do is ask. Simply say out loud or in your head, ''I need help with......could you please send an Angel that can help me, thank you. Most things you will notice their help right away, others, more complicated requests can take a bit of time. So be patient and pay attention. You will find what you seek. Below, some examples are given, to give you an idea of the variety of assistance you can call on.

If you have an essay, a project, or an article you have to write, ask an Angel to come to your assistance. Not only will an Angel come to you practically instantaneously, but you can  bet it will also specialize in whatever topic you are writing about. Keep yourself relaxed and start writing.
Words will just begin to flow. Remember to thank them for their help.

Another way to call upon an Angels help is if you have just gone through a recent breakup or a loved one has passed on, in your loneliest moments of grief you can call an Angel to come and comfort you, calm you, offer you love and if you take notice, you can feel the blanket of warm loving light surrounding you, again instantaneously.

If you have a meeting, important interview, or a conversation that is getting your stomach in knots or leaving you feeling anxious or stressed, there are a variety of Angels that are waiting to assist you. Ones that can give you a boost of self esteem or confidence, or help in creating good communication flow between you and the other person, even ones to  help open the other person to receiving what you have to say, in a more loving way.

Angels are also profound protectors, so if you find yourself in a dangerous or intimidating situation, remember to call upon an Angel to protect you. You can even send protection to a loved one whose traveling or is about to undergo a surgical procedure, or for anything you think they need protection with. Protection will be given, just believe it and give thanks.

You see the possibilities are endless, Whether you need help with directions when you are lost, or need a big boost in motivation to complete something you have been putting off, there is an Angel to offer you assistance. Keep an open mind in how the help may come to you because it could be anything from a gut feeling you receive, to something you read, to something you hear a stranger say. Pay attention and don't second guess it when you notice the help, even if it comes in the funniest way, just be thankful ;).

One more thing, Angels love to help, so please remember never feel guilty when asking for their time or assistance. They want all of us to call upon them, they want to share their knowledge and kindness. I feel it is very important to be thankful after receiving assistance. For some people, thanking an Angel is done many times throughout the day.

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