Sunday, January 30, 2011

The process of healing (why do I feel this way)

This is a basic overview of what you may experience when going through any type of healing. This may include anything from a series of counseling sessions you may be going through, a reiki or reflexology treatment, to a meditation healing, or a good conversation with someone who helped you discover an important aspect about yourself.

Healing usually begins with some type of therapeutic experience, bringing your attention to what is needing to be brought to the surface, to be released. Understanding what needs to brought in to consciousness, to eventually let it go and heal from whatever set you off balance, is key to the healing process.

Many people experience not- so- pleasant feelings of sadness, crying, head ache, nausea, sore throat, fatigue and can not understand why they feel worse, after experiencing a  healing. The answer is simple, when you bring something painful from your past or even your present to you consciousness, you ask to release it to the universe and be left, with a feeling  of  balance. In order to regain balance and release negative feelings, thoughts or experiences, they need to work their way out of the body.

For example say you experienced a traumatizing childhood and decide as an adult you need to heal from your past in order to move forward, so you begin a series of counseling sessions. In these sessions you may start  by going back and talking about your negative experiences as a child. These experiences have been buried for many years and can be overwhelming at first, but you may also notice within a day or two, after each session  you feel sad, are crying a lot, may not want to get out of bed, have a bad headache, basically not feeling better.

This is not a bad thing. This can actually be a good sign because it means the feelings that you have buried for so long are surfacing and being released from your body. Rest assured though this does not usually last more than a few days and the rewards are huge. You will notice after you have spent a day or two, possibly longer ( if the experience you are releasing is rather traumatic ) you will notice yourself feeling lighter, happier, more optimistic, acting nicer towards others, and more open with your feelings after you have released the experience and feelings that went with it. This is a really good feeling!

Remember this will possibly occur after each healing as you dig deeper into whatever you are trying to release.  Start noticing how much better you feel after each session, once you have released it, in the days following your healing.

If you can recognize a cycle with your healing sessions, feeling good, feeling bad and feeling even better, it makes the bad days easier to deal with because you know you are releasing yourself from the pain you were carrying and you know you can look forward to feeling even better than you did before.

 Here are two possible connections to a healing and the physical manifestations that may occur with them.

* If you have gone to a reflexology appointment to unblock energy that you have been carrying, you may experience muscle aches or a headache the day after your appointment while the energy is being released then you will feel more energetic in the days that follow.

*If you have gone your whole life never really speaking about your feelings and begin doing so in counseling, you may experience a sore throat, or symptoms of a chest infection, even a cough, as you are finally voicing your feelings, but as you continue your counseling you will notice yourself feeling better and lighter with each session.

 Here's a more pleasant side effect you may notice, as you are going through your healing you may have the urge to clean house. Organize, de-clutter, scrub, even paint or do minor house repairs. This is because you are wanting to balance all areas of your life. As you clean out your emotional clutter your subconscious may be pulling you to so the same with your home environment and even your physical health may call you eat better, exercise or meditate.

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