Thursday, April 16, 2015

10 benefits to owning a Himalayan salt lamp

Salt lamps are a beautiful addition to any space. They are not only beautifying, they are practical too. They have a variety attributes and enhancing qualities they can add to your space. Salt lamps are extremely dense formed or chunks of Himalayan salt. The following is a list of ways your salt can can benefit you both practically and other.

Himalayan salt is not only edible but it is insurmountable healthier than any table salt and even more beneficial than sea salt. It is packed full of minerals that are only found in this particular salt.

Salt lamps.......light or no light still adds equal qualities. The light does not have to be on, in order to notice the benefits.

There is no maintenance with owning a salt lamp. The most you would ever have to do is replace the light bulb.

Salt lamps purify the air within the space it is located. Helps with everything from asthma to allergies.

Himalayan salts releases negative ions, which helps to balance our overload of positive ion, this offers relief to sore muscles and joints. There are benefits for those who suffer arthritis, and even those who suffer muscle aches when feeling the symptoms of flu.

With release of negative ions, a salt lamps will clear the space of stagnant energy, negativity or release the residual energy of a not so pleasant experience, such as an argument within your home.

Having a salt lamp within your space, helps to lift your mood, clear your energy and relax your mind.

The beautiful hues of pink and white will add beauty to any space, whether you have it plugged in or not.

Repository and sinus issues can find some relief when in an environment that holds Himalayan salts. Everything form allergies, to sinus infections can find benefits when around this salt.

Because salt lamps clear a space and release negative ions, balancing the energy within a space, this helps to clear your aura or energy field, leaving you feeling lighter and overall more balanced.

Anyone and everyone can benefit in some way from any type of Himalayan salt, but choosing to add the quality of a pink glowing hue can add beauty, calmness, comfort and even relief from many ailments. Many people find once you add one, you will soon find yourself on the hunt for another. Yes they are just that great !!

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