Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WHY.....Spirituality In You came to be

It all started when I was just a little girl. People would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up and all I could ever come up with is " I wanted to help " Veterinarian was the one thing I could see myself doing, as I had a connection with animals since I can remember. I felt closer to animals than I did to any person. I would rescue countless small animals the neighborhood cats would catch and try my best to nurse them back to health. It was the only thing a 7 or 8 year old can do to help "the world" as at that age how do you rationalize to yourself that you are here to change big things.

As I grew older the need to help others grew also and although my love for animals remains I wanted to help all the people around me. I guess that's why my dad would say to me " You bring home the stragglers, you can't fix everyone " But that only fueled my need to help more. I knew I needed to help, I knew I could help.

So in 2011, I did the one thing I could offer from my home while raising my 5 children and that was to write. I began to write articles about everything I felt could help some one else to understand why we are here on earth and to help them to find purpose.  People were suffering when there was little need for it. The way we have been taught through the education system, religion and church, government, our parents and grandparents and even society, was not working and was only creating another generation where people had no power.

I was at the point of being enraged at the lies we have been fed for generations, the truths that were kept from us and most of all that the majority of people believed the lies. I seen how my friends, family, neighbors, even people I don't even know suffered because of the lies we have had ingrained in us since birth.Here's where everything changed or should I say where everything I knew I was to be, started to fully manifest.

In 2012 after years of studying and living with that knowledge I had, most of it just an inner knowing that this world is not what it could be, and realizing if I can verbalize it in an article, I then knew,I was in need of a solid location people could come to.

That was the tipping point for me. I was either going to go crazy from anger and hopelessness or I was going to do something about it. I chose the latter. I knew I had to open a place where anyone, from any religion, any income bracket, any walk of life could come and just BE. They could ask the questions I knew people were wanting to ask but had no where to go. I knew there were thousands that were waking up to fact that the life we have been taught was so very wrong in comparison to the life that we could create. I wanted to empower people to create happiness and be there to reassure them that when you open your life to real truth, it can be the hardest growth you may ever experience.

I knew how hard it was for me to unlearn so much of what I was taught, to stand alone in what I believed, but I knew it was right and I could feel soooo many more were going through the same and I also knew and still know many more are going through this major life transformation. Family and friends often don't get it and it can be a very lonely and isolating feeling standing in your beliefs so it was then, against all odds I opened this magical place called Spirituality In You with the goal being................ IF YOU WALK INTO THIS PLACE, YOU ARE GOING TO LEAVE FEELING BETTER THAN YOU DID WALKING IN.

Anything is possible....anything. Spirituality In You is the perfect example of this......I am a single mother of 5 children, some of my children have special needs, I had no money, no child support and living off my child tax alone. Most of my family thought I was crazy and although many of my friends and family tried to support my choice, they didn't know how, as they didn't understand what I felt. I had no business background, no nest egg of money for the "just in case". My children needed most of my time and still do, but I felt I had to do it for bigger reasons. I knew it was my calling to open a place where anyone can come in a be validated for who they are and where they are on their journey.

I learned very quickly that what you ask for the universe will provide. One day back in early 2012, while driving home I noticed a for rent sign I had seen countless time, but this time something told me to pull over and get the phone number. I felt this excitement that just felt right. Upon arriving home I called the number to find out this place was way too big and thousands of dollars a month in rent, so as I thanked him for his time he interrupted me to say there was this tiny little space in the same plaza and the it was in my price range (lol sort of) so I agreed to meet him. As he said good bye he informed me his name was BOB BARKER, well that was the only sign I needed. Bob Barker was the host of a game show called THE PRICE IS RIGHT. So that was my go ahead sign. I felt this was the universe saying DO IT, THE PRICE IS RIGHT !!

Six weeks later in May of 2012 we open the doors to Spirituality In You. The journey has been painstakingly hard but rewards have not only given me real purpose, it is helping others find their greater purposes too. We don't fix people, we show people that it is possible to be who you came here to be. We offer support and love and teach what it means to have gratitude and see the good that is always around. We value every person who comes through our door. And many come in, in such pain and sorrow because they cannot find truth in this world of chaos, and it's our hope they leave feeling empowered with a new sense of hope.

Yes we offer products because we have to pay our bills, but the real gifts we offer is truth, love, compassion, a shoulder to cry, someone to lean on, ears that listen, validation, kindness, seeds of inspiration, friendship, a sense of community, courage, hope and strength.

 WE ALWAYS TRY OUR BEST TO BE THE CHANGE WE ALL NEED TO SEE !! I have been humbled many times throughout my life and only want others to see how amazing they truly are, and to know every single person RIGHT NOW has great powers within that have been hidden for much time.

Now is the time and people are sensing it, so visit us or send us a message here at Spirituality In You where we are all universal friends. MUCH LOVE TO ALL !!

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