Monday, April 20, 2015

Want to give up ?? READ THIS FIRST !!

You are a magnificent being full of life and light. You have an insurmountable reserve of energy within you at all times. When things seem to be at there worst, know that you can do it. You are a warrior here on earth with a divine purpose that really impacts so much around you.

Everything you you do, every breath you take in is a source of our Holy empowerment. What you have been through up til now and where you stand today is only to humble and strengthen you for the days to come. Without your presence here today, it would be as if the sun was missing one of it's beaming rays of light. You matter. You make a difference.

You can grow stronger and share your strength with others. The people you will meet today and tomorrow are little guides to you, on your journey as you are to them. Your experiences are so very unique to you but at the same time so familiar to so many who have no voice. Your story really can change the course of another persons life. You are the epitome of our all loving source, even on your worst day. Anything is possible.

The feelings of being overwhelmed are felt most before a major breakthrough or when something big in your life is shifting or needs to be shifted for you to proceed on your personal journey of evolution. You are capable of anything you feel the need to accomplish and your worth cannot be put into words. The worst you have ever done, only shows you the opposite end of the spectrum, that you can aspire to today.

You are from the all loving God or higher power you seek. You can do as any God can when you connect to that all might source. Create and know that you can and your efforts will be grand no matter the smallness of your project. You are a needed piece in the Grand plan that is in store for our earth.

Only we ourselves can save us. Friends, family, doctors, teachers and guides can only act as a guide post but it is our given power within, the power than only you can tap into is yours to act upon. You are so very special to your part of the plan and as many wonder what their part is, know that will be shown when the time is right.

So many are being "groomed" or "prepped" for the days to come. You are the breath of your being. The worst, is not so bad when you can remind yourself THIS TOO SHALL PASS. All things pass yet your strength with in, is unwavering and withstanding to everything.

Let yourself feel down for short periods, cleanse and re-energize the self, after all sometimes we have to give the universe time to recalculate our ever changing needs and we must go through through personal cleansing from time to time......but then we must reach soooo far within for that unwavering strength, with the intention of coming out stronger than before. We all go through the death and rebirth process many times through out our lives, only to come out with clearer perspectives and stronger minds and more truth.

The worst of the worst days, when you think you have just plain old had enough of life, remember we need you as the suns needs every ray of light. With even one ray missing the sun would no longer be whole and in a time where there is much darkness, WE NEED YOU !! We need your life experience and your knowledge, the blessings only you, in your uniqueness can offer.

Feel the strength in your story and imagine all those, you could validate and share strength and love with. You are worth everything and I am thankful you are here. Chin up and one foot in front of the other, heck crawl if your have to, but never give up !! If our creator still has you here, you are part of our mission and we need everyone, especially you !! Much love and strength !! p.s. thank you for being you

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