Thursday, April 16, 2015

Growing apart from people can be a good thing !!

We are all on a very personal journey. One that is about personal growth and evolution in consciousness. Everything we do is to expand on what we already have as knowledge. We are like sponges with an endless capacity of expanding our knowledge and growing our consciousness. Every one we have a relationship with or come across, even in a one time passing, is to teach us something about ourselves or give us some type of message.

Once we have learned what we can from the experiences we have with them, or if they can no longer help us evolve further......we often move forward in the relationship in one of a few ways. Some of  these ways include..... keeping in touch or lessening the amount of experiences we have with them, or the relationship could abruptly comes to an end for some reason known or even unknown, or we eventually grow apart in a seemingly natural way.

In a few cases, we may grow together in a healthy ever strengthening manner. When this happens there is a continuous lifting of each others goals and spirit. One will always support and encourage growth in the other person and still maintain an effort on their own goals and aspirations. This is a relationship worth more than gold. This can happen between a friend, a romantic partner, a business associate, a neighbor or even a family member.

It is a rare experience because it can be challenging enough to find your path and grow to your full potential but sticking to your own growth and helping someone close to you too....., can really make it twice as challenging and this is where the "GROWING APART " come into play. Remember we are here to evolve ourselves and that is in turn to BE your best so to help our world become the wonderful healthy place it could be. We must heal ourselves and if that means it's time to grow apart from someone, than in the bigger picture of things.... so be it !!! even if we don't understand, there is always a reason when a relationship grows apart.

We all have lost and gained friends through out our life time. Some of them are easily accepted and some of them more difficult. Some of them very well needed and some of them leave the question " What if or I wonder or even why ??" There are many reasons people grow apart, some of them over a period of time and others very abruptly. Some relationships are heartbreaking when the relationship grows apart and other leave a sense of relief.

Growing apart may not only be a good thing but it may be necessary for your own personal growth and the other persons as well. Sometimes we have evolved beyond what the other person can offer, whatever type of relationship it is. Growth is good and sometimes growth means growing apart or growing into your full self with different people than you first thought.

Some relationships will come to an end and answers will not be given as to why, just know that our all loving universe knows whats best for us and will always bring people into your life that will help us along our chosen path and yes this also means our all loving universe will remove those who can not help us or even prevent us on our journey. Trust you will be guided always and the universe has only your best interest at heart.

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