Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Do you find some people can drain your energy ?

Have you noticed when spending time with particular people, whether it is in person, over the phone, even through the computer that you feel completely drained as though your energy has been literally sucked from you ? These people leave you feeling as though you have run a 10 mile race with only spending a few minutes with them, even if it is not physically.

You may not even realize they are taking your energy, until a short while after your time spent with them. You may feel tired, unmotivated, have a headache or an upset stomach, when just prior to your time with them, you were feeling fine, even exceptionally well.

Most of the time, these people who take another energy are unaware they are even doing this. Rarely do they consciously make the choice to call you up and take you, for all the energy they can. They, if you think about it are probably not the most positive people to be around and this causes their energy vibration to remain at a low level.

When someone comes in contact with you, there is always an exchange of energy, but when ones energy is vibrating at significantly lower level than yours, you may find that they have inadvertently helped themselves to yours.

There are some measures you can take to protect yourself from someone taking your energy. Selecting certain crystals or gems that have qualities within them that help protect you by absorbing any negative energy that surrounds you. They can also place a protective energy shield around you, preventing you from absorbing anthers energy or them from taking yours.

You can also call on angels to place a protective energy shield around you. Simply visualize a white light surrounding you that will not allow any unhealthy transfer of energy to be passed between you and the other person.

Rarely is someone aware they are taking another's energy, but it does happen sometimes and you should be aware of this and when all else fails in protecting your energy from them taking it, a break from this individual may be necessary, or limiting your time spent with them or sometimes even permanently.

On the rare occasion you meet a true energy vampire ( someone who intentionally steals, takes or drains your energy ) you will know soon enough. People who are aware they are effecting your energy are often charming in the beginning and eventually turn out to be narcissistic and cruel. These people are toxic and should be avoided whenever possible and protection should be called upon when having to deal with these people for any length of time. They can be anyone from your parent, your spouse, your neighbor to someone you work with

Your energy is yours. Do not allow another to take it. Give it when you can and when you choose, but protect yourself from those who suck it from you.

If your energy has been affected by someone say the following “ I am only feeling what is mine, right now “ This will help clear your energy and clear any energy that is not yours.

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