Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Human law verses Universal law

Human laws were conjured up by government and those in power as a means of controlling the masses. Religion and and school systems only amplified these human laws. We have been told these law are put into place for the best interest of everyone. Most human laws, serve government pockets and leave many citizen with little justice and less money.

Universal law is law that everyone has access to and it resides on a more universal level.

These laws are along the lines of do unto others as you would have them do unto you, or if you see someone in need and are able to help, then help.

Universal law, is sacred in the fact that it is law that our creator lives by and it never creates intentional pain on another. It is law so morally perfect, if we all followed them, there would be no need for human law. Universal laws are simple in that they....never intentionally harm another and help who you can, including yourself. Any action can fall under one of these categories when you break them down, they usually either go against universal law, or it IS universal law.

It would make life much more simple if everyone broke down their actions to these two opposites, and tried consciously to do right, but we are living with laws on top of more laws on top of a money hungry government that actually send police out with a monthly quota to ticket and hand out finds to citizens, in turn citizens put more of their hard earned money into the government money pot. This complicates things so much.

No worries things are changing and changing quickly. There is already a major shift going on right now, that is moving the masses into living by universal law. Look at all the protests and standing up to the government happening all over the world.

Human laws are not working and never will. Universal law, is the law of love and it is here to stay. It will only grow as more stand up, to the limitation government and religion has put on us.

Universal law will create peace and harmony among everyone who chooses to live by them. Be kind and live from your heart. This is universal law and it is the only law !

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